You can have the best strategy, creative idea and campaign execution, but when it comes down to the people representing you on the ground, we leave nothing to chance.

Our best-in-class approach to training, development and recruitment, sets the standard in experiential staffing in the UK.




Recruiting the very best people takes time, dedication and nurturing of our ‘Inner Circle’ community.

We have always chosen quality over quantity – and our incredible team of talent managers will personally match every ambassador to the brands we work with.

We believe in family and want to see all our recruits succeed and grow with the support we can give them.

We reward their dedication with best in class training, renumeration and support.


Training of promotional staff is often inconsistent and  inadequate – something that Circle set out to change 15 years ago with the launch of the first UK Event Management accreditation in the UK.

Our e-learning and development platform ‘360’, is an effective way to engage our remote workforce. A sophisticated system, available to all our clients, that manages the training process both on and off-line.

The importance of training is still a cornerstone of Circle Agency culture.

Circle Agency 360 learning