Circle-Agency-Maxi-Muscle Protein Milk Launch


Drive awareness of this new category – ‘Everyday Protein’.

Generate awareness and appraisal of the new product.

Create brand content to support the wider ATL campaign.

Drive product into hand through efficient and cost-effective sampling.

Increase followers and engagement across all social platforms.

Utilise the existing celebrity endorsement.


The aim with this activity was to try and stop busy people and reward them for considering Protein Milk’s product benefits. Therefore an ‘interruptive’ idea was required.

We designed and installed an interactive digital billboard into one of London’s busiest shopping centres. Controlled remotely, it engaged live with shoppers, having conversations and revealing the benefits that protein could have on their busy lives.

The whole experienced was filmed and then broadcast live around the shopping centre digital media panels, as an integrated part of the ATL campaign. This content went on to be shared across social media, which hugely grew the brands fellowship.