Circle-Agency Jordans Grinola


Raise awareness of the newly launched Grin-ola, a children’s cereal from Jordans. Trial Grin-ola via sampling, of all the flavour variants. Create a positive family experience that generates dwell time to talk to both children and parents. Drive post event trial via coupons.


Countryfile Live provided the perfect opportunity to take the new cereal to its audience. A great chance to engage with children and let them discover the new cereal, but also have conversations with parents, who struggle with healthy breakfast options.

Our focus was to engage with the children and to let them discover the cereal on their terms. We designed a bespoke nature trail, with multiple discovery points, that the children completed to earn a reward of a sample of their choice, at the end.

Partnering with the RSPCA, we provided ‘Save the hedgehog’ sessions, with experts who hosted workshops with the children. Along with guest appearances from the Brand characters and a Design & Artwork studio, we provided a great hub to free up parents to talk to our brand experts about breakfast nutrition. The earthy design and use of natural materials, all reflected the nature of the brand and people left inspired to purchase.