Be an influential part of bringing a new demographic to the Dorset Cereals brand.

Create an experience that helped consumers to overcome their negative perceptions/barriers around muesli, that prevents them from buying or sampling the product.

Drive trial and awareness focussing on events that capture consumers when they are in a relaxed mindset and have the time to engage with Dorset Cereals.

Ensure we demonstrate ROI from experiential through measurement and evaluation, whilst also proving the effect on the depth of engagement on purchase intent and loyalty post event.


We made a conscious decision to activate in festival campsites. We were the only brand activating in the campsites and we were able to own the ‘breakfast moment’. This activation started building relationship early with our ‘Campsite Helpers’. A dedicated team who helped carry bags and erected tents for visitors.

At the heart was The Dorset Cereals Breakfast Extravaganza. A warm, family friendly environment for people to simply join us for breakfast. Visitors were encouraged to pour themselves a bowl and add any of our plethora of partner provided toppings.

To help blow away the morning cobwebs we ran activities including yoga, kids’ morning wake-up sessions, arts and crafts and much more. Our acoustic artist provided the perfect soundtrack to a relaxed and easy-going morning.

This all provided the perfect pre-festival environment for families and friends to enjoy each other’s company and reinforce the message that breakfast is worth sitting down for. Results went on to prove that increased brand immersion drove brand loyalty and ultimately increased sales over the long term.