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  • Get much needed supplies to frontline key workers when they needed it most
  • Nationwide distribution
  • React fast, implement safely and efficiently
  • Efficient, tracked delivery by branded Costa Coffee ambassadors.


When Covid-19 hit, brands had to be nimble if they wanted to play a part in supporting the national crisis response.  We reverse engineering a planned consumer sampling event in less than 24 hours, so we repurposed stock, uniforms, vehicles and were able to get Costa product to those who needed it most, as quickly as possible.

We created care packs containing Costa RTD cans, that could be delivered in bulk to facilities that had multiple staff in need of refreshment. The operation covered planning, scheduling, fulfilment, logistics, transport, deliveries, and Costa Brand Ambassadors to ensure the product made its way to the right contacts, within the facilities. 

The response was overwhelming, teams all around the UK were delighted to receive the much needed supplies and the Costa and Circle teams got to feel like we were making a difference.

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