Following the success of delivering over 2M+ cans of Costa Coffee to the nations front line workers, we were tasked to look at how Costa might reach out to consumers, in a meaningful, relevant and respectful way despite lockdown. 

Costa wanted to reinforce the positioning of it’s ‘Ready to drink’ and ‘At Home’ ranges and help establish new coffee drinking rituals. While also keeping the brand front of mind in the communities that they serve nationwide. 


The duration of the lockdown was starting to become straining and people needed a boost of morale. Communities were coming together, and neighbourly acts of kindness were increasing.  

Who wouldn’t want to be given a coffee care package direct to your doorstep? A little pick me up in an otherwise stressful and monotonous time. Our teams delivered branded boxes of two ready to drink flavours, with recipes on how to make the most of their gift and directions to further content available through You Tube.

The gesture was extremely popular and was received in the manner in which we had hoped. Neighbours shared that our teams were on route and many were then awaiting our arrival. A little socially distanced chat meant that our brand ambassadors often spent time talking to Costa regulars and introducing them to the new format, at a time when our audience was open to trying new things.

From concept to design, from production to delivery, we handled every part of this tactical campaign.