Circle Agency Abarth Silverstone Classics


The main objectives were to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Carlos Abarth by bringing the brand to life at this event.

The main challenge was to create an experience which would sit equally alongside the very premium Alfa Romeo motor home.

We also were tasked on how we entertain the Abathists, who are Abarth owners and are considered very important to the brand. We needed to have a solution in which they could be made to feel special.


Club Abarth – We designed an experience which captured the heritage of the brand alongside the modern era of Abarth. A custom modular system was bought in to elevate the brand and create stand out. Within, was a historical studio where we depicted the design & history of Abarth, along with a very rare edition model.

Externally, an LED wall showcased the most recent media, creating a dynamic backdrop to the cars on display. To maximise the great summer weather, we built a hospitality garden for owners to relax and enjoy complimentary drinks and ice creams. Abarth owners were checked and verified by our staff and given a 70th Anniversary gift upon access to the club.